Monday, March 01, 2010

Turn a Page

The boss called me while I was sitting in the lunchroom today. I finished my soup and when back to my desk to take the call. 
I was ninety nine percent sure the paperwork would go through but the finality of the words were still sobering.
After twenty seven years of driving to that building, my work there is finished. March 22nd is my last day. 
The rest of the day I fielded phone calls and emails as the news made its way through our groups and other groups with which I have worked for many years.
I sat in on some meetings, but my boss told me to start transitioning my work load to others. That part will be difficult because our team is already thin, but it's a great group of folks and I'm sure I'll never hear a word of complaint.
I plan to take some time off. Really, do some fishing, work around the farm, get the garden ready for spring and contemplate the next chapter of my life.
As the song goes, I'm getting ready to turn a page.

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