Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springs A Coming

The trees and shrubs are getting ready to show out. The yellow bell bushes as well as the pear and plum trees got a head start this week, but the rest are not far behind.
Jilda and I walked today and even though the sun was hidden behind swift moving grey clouds, you could see that the hickory, oak, and sweet gum are only a few days behind.
I also noticed that our peach tree had blossoms that popped out today. A few days of warm sunshine and Mother Nature will really put on a show.
As a kid, this time of year was pure torture. Our classrooms had huge windows, most of which faced south.  We didn't have air conditioning so it was common for teachers to raise the windows a little to get some fresh air moving through. 
On warm days you could hear the birds scurrying around making nests and the smell of freshly mowed grass wafted in which made it smell like heaven. On those days, all the boys in class wanted to be janitors so they could work outside.
I plan to work on my lawn mower this weekend and have it ready for duty early next week.
I can't wait to smell the grass. 

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