Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We describe our house, to those who are curious about were we live, as a cottage. We have floors made out of spruce shelving. The boards alternate between 6 inches wide and 12 inches wide. It's a rustic effect that suits us.
Our furniture can be described as old meets new. Our bed which is from the late 1800s, belonged to Jilda's great-great grandmother. Of course we replaced the old feather mattress with a Tempurpedic that probably cost more than her great-great grandmother's house when it was built. We love the old bed and it sleeps great.
Jilda's mom also gave us some cane-bottom chairs that we've had forever. Several years ago the cane began to fail, and slowly the bottom of the chairs began to disintegrate.
Getting them repaired is something that's been on my list for quite some time now,  and last week I remembered while I was writing my blog.
I saved the the words I'd written,  and did a quick search for recaning chairs + Birmingham Alabama. My search returned several hits. I picked one a random and called.
The old gentleman answered and said that he did in fact recane old chairs. I made an appointment with him and took the chairs.
He called last night to tell me they were ready and I picked them up today.
He was a fascinating gentleman in his 70s (I'm guessing). He had the chairs sitting in his driveway when I pulled into his yard.
He stepped out and we stood to talk for a long while, both enjoying the warm morning sun. Before I left, I shot this photo.
The chairs looked great. I just hope ever who gets them when we are gone, love them as much as we do.


  1. We have an old rocking chair that needs to be recaned. It was my husband's grandmother's chair. We had it done right after we got it by a blind man that lived in town. He passed on a few months ago. I guess I'll try to find someone who still knows how to do this soon. Love your chairs.

  2. I love old chairs. Sadly, my house is too small for any thing else, new or old.

  3. I have several chairs I love.

  4. We have a hutch in the dining room that is over a hundred years old, and we really like it.

    Your chairs look great!

  5. Love it when people keep old things going...

  6. I remember your house as a very comfortable and friendly place to be.

  7. Legacy is a wonderful thing!

  8. Thanks all. I forgot to mention that they sit good too.

  9. Our senior citizen center recanes chairs at a very reasonable price. I have an old highchair that has a cane bottom..or I should say, did have a can bottom. Thanks for a reminder that it's still sitting in the basement and needs this done! Your chairs look super!


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