Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Storm Roses

I stepped out of yoga glass the other night to load the mats while Jilda spoke with a few people who lingered after class.
The community center must be in some type of vortex because the evening light there is often stunning.
I shot this photograph with my iPhone of the horizon just after the sun said "goodbye until tomorrow."
The atmosphere was unstable because one moment the air would be as warm, and then the wind would shift and the air was cool on my face.
Storm clouds from the south raced across the sky and I expected a downpour at any minute, but it raced on by.
Spring and autumn are like that here. The weather is never boring. I read along-range forecast that said the middle of the country would have more snow this year than we've had in some time.
Maybe I'll get a chance to shoot roses in the snow.


  1. "God gave us memories so we could have roses in December." I learned that thought while I was in college and your wish stated at the concluding line reminded me of it.

  2. Oh I heard that too by where the wasps put there nests but I hope not.
    Shoveling is not my cup of tea although I love to watch huge snowflakes


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