Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Life and Stuff

I recently looked back over some of my journals, and life goals that I'd written over 20 years ago.
One of the things I often wrote was that I wanted to retire by age 59. I'm not sure why that number resonated with me, but I'm guessing it stems from the fact that both my dad and granddad died young. I've come to realize there's power in intention.
In retrospect, a lot of things had to fall into place in order to make my intention of retiring at 59 become reality. I know it sounds all new-age'y, and perhaps goofy to some folks, but it was almost as if the Universe conspired to make it happen.
It's much too complicated to cover here, and I doubt any of you would be interested in the details, but it happened, and I haven't looked back.
I got to thinking about this today as I sat across from a Social Security administrator. I'll be 62 my birthday in January, so I signed up. I could have done the paperwork online, but it's such a milestone, that I wanted to do it in person.
Usually when one thinks of doing anything with the government, they cringe, but I must say today was painless.
I walked in, took a number and sat until they called my name. A security guard came over and chatted pleasantly with me while I waited. It seems he was in the Signal Corps in the Army too.
A few minutes later, my name came over the intercom and I walked back. Mandy, a young woman in her late twenties, greeted me and we chatted for a while.
She recognized my face but she couldn't place me. I helped her out by telling her I wrote for the local paper on Sunday, and she smiled broadly.
She took all my information and after about 15 minutes, I was out the door and on my way.
I must say that it feels a little strange. It's almost as if I'm shifting gears in my life. I spent so many years on the grindstone. For the last five years I was employed, I was on call half of every month. There were so many nights during that time when we were startled awake by a ringing phone, or a chirping Blackberry. Those calls almost always involved hours on the telephone coordinating repairmen, locating and shipping parts, and screaming managers who were upset that their computers were down.
I have to say, I don't miss that. The holiday season these last two years have been unmolested by ailing computers.
But at each stage of life, new challenges rise up to take the place of old ones. The loss of loved ones, the need to be more mindful of your money, and of course staying healthy.
The journal entry and life goal entries I've been writing these last few years involve being healthy, happy, and seeing the world.
I can't wait to start getting some of my hard-earned money that the government's been holding.


  1. Retirement is sounding better and better to me all the time. How wonderful that you've met your goals! I have the feeling you'll be enjoying that money to the fullest!

  2. Yeah, Richard, no longer being in the full time, daily grind is a good thing. However, full retirement takes some massive changes. My husband and I both picked up part-time jobs because making it otherwise is very, very difficult, indeed, in these hard economic times.

    Still, I LOVE some aspects of being partially "free." Love being able to go to Walmart in the middle of the afternoon and not have to ask permission of a supervisor! Ha!

    Plus, I love both of my part-time jobs and my hubs loves his, too. Despite its challenges, life is good.

    Good luck and enjoy each moment! Susan

  3. Oh I wish I could retire now - but I am counting the years to 65! LOL!!

    Enjoy! take care

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Yay!!!! Being paid for staying home. Great isn't it???

  5. Enjoy the money and the time...time being the most precious. I'm glad you were able to get those goals accomplished. I'm trying my best to get to retirement healthy, wealthy and wise..but I'm betting on 2 out of 3 ...you guess which and I'll let you know in a few years!


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