Sunday, October 28, 2012


I've always considered Jilda and I to be, for the most part, clean people. Our house is often cluttered with books, magazines, and the stuff of daily life, but rarely would it be described as being dirty.
That's why I was a little embarrassed today when the carpenter showed up a little early to help us build shelves for the laundry/TV room.
When I moved the old cabinet the dust back there was deep enough to plant carrots, and there was a dustball as big as a pony.
It only took a few hours for him to build the shelves, but afterwards, Jilda and I spent the rest of the day cleaning, tossing junk, and reorganizing the room.
We've known for some time the room was a disaster and promised each other to put out big-couple under-roos on and get-r-done. Neither of us looked forward to it, but tonight as we sit here sipping tea and winding down, it feels good to be in here.


  1. Dust bunnies get everywhere!!

    Take care

  2. I had the same experience when the cable guy came and we had to move a few of our gigantic tv cabinets..they're really not that big but it's a good excuse to say that I can't move them and that's why there is a new country behind them.

  3. You two did well, that dust pony could run a muck if you don't tame it.

  4. Laundry/TV room. Now that a combination!


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