Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Strange Day

Today has been strange. Last night I stayed up a little later to plan all I wanted to do today. My planner page was full, but I felt confident and my head hit the pillow that I'd be all over the day like mayonnaise on a home-grown tomato sandwich.
I even got up and started the coffee gurgling a little earlier than normal. But then I got a text from our niece who lives next door.
The transmission in her new car was acting up. When she called yesterday evening just before they closed, they jacked her around some. She wanted me to go with her this morning to make sure they knew she was miffed that her car was having problem. Of course I told her I'd go. 
Even though it's her car, when the service manager talked about everything they were going to do to correct the issue, he was looking at me. I'm not sure why they do that. SHE's the one working her butt off to make payments, so they should be addressing her, but so often, that's not what happens.
Now were was I?
Oh yes, strange day. The car place agreed to provide her a rental car until they fixed her transmission, but the logistics got screwy. She'd planned to take me back home, but getting the rental late was going to throw her late getting to work so I told her not to worry, I'd call Jilda to come get me. Problem solved.
Jilda got around and headed out, but on the way to get me, a big honkin' deer ran out full speed and hit her car on the passenger door. The impact was so violent that it threw her into the other lane. Fortunately no one was coming. If she'd had airbags in the doors, they would have deployed.
She called me in hysterics. I used the line that she always uses on me when I get worked up.....just breathe.
She was calm by the time she picked me up a few minutes later, but her car looked like she'd been hit by a truck. It ripped the molding off the side and the passenger door wouldn't open.
I called the insurance company and we took it to a repair shop. All the guys had a lot of fun at her expense, but by that time she'd gotten over the initial shock, so she held her own with the repair guys (who are actually friends of ours).
She still had to work this afternoon, but since most of the things on my list were things I could do via email and phone, she drove my truck.
She called me when she was on her way home to tell me that a hickory nut had fallen off a tree and chipped my windshield. I laughed so hard I spewed sweet tea out my nose.
It's been a strange day.
To read Jilda's version of this tale, go to Transformation Information.


  1. What a day!!!! oh I am so sorry! My day was really nice. Check out the photo I got while cruising near a neighboring neighborhood today, on my newest post.

  2. Awww poor Jilda! Poor deer!!

    Glad Jilda is ok!

    Take care

  3. Geez, a day to remember! As Mark Twain says, apparently there's nothing that can't happen today. It did!!!

  4. What is it with car dealers and repair people? When my daughter was looking for her first car purchase, the salesman at one place kept talking to US, completely ignoring her. She finally said loudly "Why are you talking to them? I'm the one buying the car!" Needless to say, she didn't buy one there, and I laughed all the way home.
    Sorry about all the car mishaps but at least no one was hurt!

  5. Well they say everything happens in threes so your bad luck should be over. lol


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