Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mindful Bell

I downloaded an app for my desktop called the Mindful Mynah. It's the tone of a bell that resonates and slowly fades. The idea is that whenever you hear the tone, you take a few seconds to be "in the moment."
I set it to tone every 15 minutes. Before I loaded the program, I'd get so involved with writing, coding, editing photographs or video that I'd lose track of time. All of a sudden my rear end would go to sleep, my fingers and knees would be stiff as sticks.
Now, whenever I hear the tone, it's like a respite that lasts a few seconds. I'll stand and stretch, or simply take my hands from the keyboard, and breathe deeply for a few minutes.
I've only been doing this for about a week, but it seems to be helping my concentration.
Tomorrow is Halloween. Let's all be mindful of the ghosts and goblins that will be out and about tomorrow evening.
I'll post my Halloween Column and if I can figure out how to upload an mp3 file, I'll post my Halloween reading.

1 comment:

  1. I love the concept of the Mindful Mynah app! I can see the benefits of bringing mindful practice to the PC.


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