Monday, February 04, 2013

Blue sky, green pine, and sumac berries.

Most of the color is long gone here, leaving bare trees, and a crunchy carpet of brown leaves.
The recent run of rainy days made the landscape seem even more stark than usual.
This morning when we walked, the wind out of the northwest was cool enough for a sweater, the sky was cloudless and the sun felt warm on my face.
Jilda and I both walk in silence, for the most part, in kind of a kind of walking meditation.
Today we walked down the winding path behind the barn and I spent most of the time looking down.
When we turned around for the walk back up (which always seems much further up than it was going down,) I noticed sky was a shade of azure. The color made even more remarkable by the contrasting green pine, and sumac berries which were a cross between maroon and cinnamon.
Anyhow, it was good to be reminded that there's always color all around us.


  1. Ah, lovely Rick. Man, I get super busy for a few weeks and you go and change the whole look of your blog. I like it, liked the prior, too.

    Yes, colors are beneficial in many many ways, especially if the dreary grays of the shades of snow and clouds are ever present. We have been seeing more and more blue sky now ...finally.

  2. I love "looking up" pictures. And that was a beautiful one!

  3. That's a beautiful blue sky! We are experiencing very cold winter days with lots of snow this week, so I do envy your weather!

  4. I like the change to your blog! You've painted a lovely picture with your words this morning. I love those beautiful bright blue skies when we're lucky enough to get one during the winter. It's raining here this morning.

  5. A walking meditation...I like that.

  6. Blue skies are always a welcome sight. Ours are always overcast.
    On the other hand,it helps with the sun's rays which are not very good for people these days.

    It's also nice to enjoy a walk without talking. Just two people whose minds are entertwined enough so talking doesn't seem to be a requirement. That's a nice relationship to have.

  7. I love to meditate and the colors of that photo are beautiful. Thanks.

  8. What a beautiful shot! So that's what a cloudless sky looks like..I've forgotten! On my quiet walk from the parking lot to the hospital this morning I had on a sweater too..and a heavy coat..and boots...and gloves...and a scarf...but it was warm enough to skip a hat..20de..Thanks for making me smile!


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