Saturday, February 16, 2013

If I Were a Color

One of the challenges I've run up on is trying to describe what my books are about. I could tell people that I write a daily blog and that my newspaper columns come from my blog posts. The books come from my columns. But before I can tell people where the book came from, most of the people are bored to tears and kicking themselves for asking.

Each time I place my books on eBook content providers, I'm forced to place it into a pigeon hole.
OK, I made that up, but none of the categories seems to fit. I'd like to say it's humorous, but that's not always the case. I could say that it's poignant, but again, sometimes it's thought provoking.

While in a sense it's auto biographical, that's not entirely true. Sometimes I take creative license and stretch the truth to make the story better.

If someone asked me to "prove it," I'd be hard pressed to document some of the stuff I say. "There were mosquitos as big as bats," for example. It's true the mosquitoes seemed big and vicious, but if asked if I'd ever captured one of the Culicidaes and weighted it, I'd have to concede and say no.

So (this is where you come in) if you could describe the essence of my blog in 10 words of less, what would you say.

No pressure, but my success in the literary world depends on the answers I get. It's no problem if you don't feel like commenting.

The price of aluminum is going up and I actually I enjoy picking up cans on the side of the road. The local soup kitchen is not that crowded on Wednesdays and Fridays. Jilda and I should be able to get a couple hot meals each week.
It's probably not a bad thing. We could get back to the weight we were when we first married.

Rick 110 pounds, Jilda 84 pounds


  1. It's hard to classify and label books. You are right. I couldn't agree more with you. I fixed my kindle issue so now I have access to your book. I will get to it.

  2. Hi Rick... I just started reading your blog... not sure how to classify it yet... definitely funny at times:-)... intetesting.... I could say more one I read more;-).

  3. Classify...that's a hard one. There is definitly a sence of humour in it. And the blog name says it "Life". You wright about a life in the US. Doesn't matter if it's not entirely biographical.
    Hope I helped you with that??

  4. I try to stay aways from classifying things... I at times find it dangerous ;-)

  5. Regional Humorist.

  6. I'd say you write reflections on life.

  7. How about "Human Interest?"

  8. Oh- Look how cute you two were-not that you AREN'T cute now you understand?

    I would describe your blog as tongue-in-cheek writing that makes the ordinary seem extra-ordinary. (you said 10 words) You are also humorous, poignant and self-effacing (whether you think you are or not).

    Have a blessed Sunday-Diana

  9. How about Americana? Isn't there a category for that?

    Historical, comical musings of a southern man and his inspiring wife...10 words! How's that?

    BTW, love the picture!

  10. I think of you as a gentle observer of the world, or perhaps of the inanities of the world.


  11. There was a movie on the Hallmark channel that had a title that I think describes you, your books, and your blog...The Magic of Ordinary write simply, honestly (even with stretching the truth a teensy bit!) humorously, touchingly, and with a good touch of southern hospitality. Oh, and I'd be glad to have a bake sale to help you out if needed!

  12. Artistic expressions of heartfelt viewpoint, spoken concisely and with my favorite input, humor. Mary

  13. Is that really you and the lovely Jilda!?!?! *Scrapes jaw off floor*! Oh my stars - how YOUNG were you two when you started dating, 12?!?!?! LOL!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

    The essence of your blog?

    Erm... "A life of catching fish. Or trying to."


    Take care

  14. Thanks y'all for the great ideas.

  15. I would rather take a beating with a large stick and have my fingernails torn off with pliers than classify a book I wrote. I rank the experience right up there with writing a pitch or a query. There is something quite daunting about boiling down 100k words to 300. If I ever win the lotto, I'm going to hire someone to do those two things.


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