Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Look

I looked at the blogs of a few other writers today and I was toying with the idea of updating the look of my blog.

Some of the templates looked interesting and I thought I'd "window shop" for a new design.

I clicked on the design button when I found one that looked interesting. I thought it was in preview mode, but apparently I clicked the wrong button and my old blog template was lost.

I panic'd a little because a lot of the stuff I has on the side, that I really liked, disappeared. Unfortunately the new template had the features, but they were flyouts that remained hidden until you put the cursor over them.

So I spent about an hour finding a template that had a similar look and feel to the old one. I'm not convinced the new design suits me.

I'd hoped to find one that a menu on the top where I could expand my bio, have a page dedicated to my books and other things, but I haven't found one yet that I like.

We had a little birthday party for my great nephew this evening so I taped the Super Bowl so I could watch the commercials. After everyone left, I helped Jilda clean the kitchen and I'd just gotten comfortable when the stadium took a power hit.

I came in the office while officials waited for the power to come back on and wrote most of this entry.
When I went back in, the momentum had swung over to San Francisco. I don't really have a pro team favorite, so I mainly watch for the commercials.

Y'all have a remarkable week, and bear with me until I get the design issues worked out.


  1. If you had this trouble I think I'd better stick with my plain simple one.

  2. I like this sleek, new look! It's fun to rearrange the furniture every so often! Have a good week!

  3. I like to rearrange as well..... but I always seem to go back to what I had before!

  4. Love your new look blog - tidy and neat! Yay!!

    You are the second blogger who've said they watch the Superbowl mainly for the commercials?!?! I am thoroughly confused!! I hate commercials and it always comes as a shock when I watch commercial TV after the BBC and I am hit with ads every 15 minutes or so. I think that's why I hardly watch other channels than the BBC. It's like youtube - love youtube but skip skip skip those ads! LOL! take care

  5. I like the new look, but I hope you're able to find one that has all the features in it you want. I'm stuck in the Dark Ages with mine.

  6. I have been toying with this idea for a long time as well. I may just do that!

  7. To me your blog is fine. I like what you write about and I like your sense of humour. You find humour in the mundane things that happens daily.

    I'm not techy like you and I don't understand all the computer jargon but I get by.

    Everything was great until Blogger changed to new interface. When I tried to change my header, they say that my file is too big and they have reduced my header picture to a tiny size. I've given up trying to fix it for fear of messing up something else...


  8. I did just that on my blogs as well. It took some courage, though, for I feared exactly what you said. The new look is good, but I think it is too bare. You have more color in your personality--let it show.

  9. I love the new streamlined look. :) And I think there is a gadget you can put at the top for tabs. But you probably already knew that.

    I'm still trying to find a picture that I love for my background... and then how to make it appear screen sized VS in a tile format. *sigh* standard stock photo it is...

  10. I think it looks nice, but I know what you mean - it's hard to find a template with everything you want.


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