Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Don't Try This At Home Folks

Today was treatment day for Jilda, so when she got settled into the infusion room and in her "Green Chair," I took my laptop off to the cafeteria to work on my column for Sunday and a piece I'm writing for 78 Magazine.
Someday I spend more time flipping bagel crumbs off my shirt, and getting refills on my coffee than I do on any productive writing, but some days the words flow like milk and honey.
Now that's an interesting phrase: flows like milk and honey. A quick Internet search showed that it probably came from the Song of Solomon......but I digress.
Today, I got my bagel, a cup of hot coffee, which I'm sure if there were thermometers that could actually measure how hot this coffee was, it would be slightly hotter than the surface of the sun.
I jammed my new JBL headphones knuckle deep in my ears, cranked up my Focus mp3 and my fingers began to dance.
I wrote both pieces in less than an hour which has to be a record for me. I'm a master procrastinator, and I can usually waste more time counting ceiling tiles, or people wearing green shirts, than it took to write both pieces.

My newspaper column this week is about writing letters, and I usually use a Adobe Carlson Pro font because it's clean and pleasing to my eye, but for some reason I dropped the font selector button down and one of the first fonts I found was Zapfino which is a beautiful cursive font.
I selected that font and the column seemed to write itself. I'm not superstitious, but you can bet I'll be using that font again.
After Jilda had her treatment, we stopped by a restaurant that we've never been to before and had greek salads with chicken breast on top. I wish I'd shot a photo, but I didn't.
Afterwards, Jilda said, "You know what sounds good? An ice cream cone." I had to admit that did sound good. So we got a couple to go.
I shot this photo while driving folks, but don't try this at home. "I'm not sure what happened officer, I just took my eye off the road for a few minutes to shoot a couple of ice cream photos and I ran over this mailbox."


  1. Ice cream always sounds good!

  2. I'm glad the writing flowed with the new font! The land of milk and honey was the promised land for the Israelites. I think it is first mentioned in Exodus.

  3. Ice cream is always a good solution :)

  4. You seem to have had a good day lol
    I am glad Jilda's day was also good and that she was able to eat after her fusion.

    Call me crazy, but at first glance I thought Jilda was holding a Cabbage Patch doll instead of an icecream. I had to enlarge it to see that it was actuslly an ice cream cone. lol
    It's been a long day here too lol

  5. It's a great pic!! Look at that ice cream! Yum!!

    Sending Jilda lots of healing hugs!

    Take care

  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    it must be like magic to have the words flow that way, exciting, great icecream shot, maple walnut?

  7. It was worth the risk to get the great picture of your Jilda enjoying her ice cream cone!

  8. Love the blog re-design, and ice cream photo. Never thought of trying a new font when writing - good for you. It's nice to have a productive day isn't it?

  9. Ice cream is a good solution to 70% of our problems :)

  10. Now that's the header design that fits with you.

    The writing happens at odd moments I have learned.

    What kinds of ice cream did Jilda consume? Great photo!

  11. That icecream cone is bigger than Jilda's head...(I didn't mean she has a big head) Oh, never mind! She looks happy and who wouldn't? Icecream is the perfect food! Hope she's feeling good after her treatment!

  12. I have to agree with everyone: ice cream ALWAYS sounds good! I hope Jilda is making progress with her treatment. My dad got the good news that his levels have decreased dramatically! Cause for celebration at our house.

  13. Cute pic, Rick! I don't believe you are a procrastinator.


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