Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Wimps Need Not Apply

Writing and publishing books is not for wimps. I finished the editing/formatting stage a few days ago and I redesigned the cover.
I uploaded the files to Kindle easily and the books was ready for sale the next day.
I decided to offer this book on multiple platforms so that people who prefer the Kobo, Nook, iTunes, Google Play or Smashwords would have access to it.
I've spent the better part of two days trying to get the book to work correctly with a Nook reader. I tried formatting it with four different kinds of software, none of which know the meaning of usability.
Finally tonight I got it uploaded, but I'm still unsure if the Table of Contents will work as it should. Uggg. I'll tackle the other platforms tomorrow.
It's probably a good thing my doctor is a stickler about narcotics because I fear if I had access to some good drugs, I'd soon be slobbering on my pillow.
Oh well, it's hot tea and off I go.
Anyone with a Kindle (or Kindle app on their phone, iPad, or PC) can download Remembering Big for 99 cents. My mama would have called that a bargain :)
Remembering Big


  1. You are one patient man! THe book sounds interesting, good thing I have one of those platforms you mentioned..

  2. I have none of the ways to read this that you mentioned. But I think I'll have to get one now. The best of luck!

    Oh, and I am a major wimp.

  3. I'm sorry but I don't have any of those Kindle, Nooks or anything else to upload your book online. I'm a bit too old fashioned that way.

    $.99 is very cheap although there's no shipping and duty cost.

    Good luck with this.

  4. Wow! I never knew it would be that hard to do.
    Must be an easier way.

  5. This book sounds worth powering up the Kindle (lies dead in a drawer) and down loading. Thanks, Rick.


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