Saturday, February 09, 2013

Picture Perfect

Today was like a postcard sent by someone visiting from up north. "It's February in Alabama and it's almost warm enough to swim. Wish you were here." Someone from Ohio (say my friend Yaya) would look at the postcard longingly and say, "Dang, I wish I were in Alabama today."
It wasn't warm enough to swim, but I went out with a short-sleeve shirt to buy vegetables at the local produce stand, and I was comfortable.
This evening I collected small limbs blown down by recent winds and stacked them in the fire pit.
Later, as the sun dipped low on the horizon, I started a small fire. Jilda's treatments have her internal thermostat out of whack, so she wears sweaters and jackets even in the summer. But she bundled up and came outside to sit by the fire. After sunset, the night air got cool, but the warmth of the fire felt good on our faces.
I have speakers on our screen porch, but I'd like to have some on the deck, because a little Windham Hill Piano Sampler would have been topping on the cake this evening. NOTE TO SELF, get wireless speakers for the deck.
On the down side, rain is moving in tonight and the skys will be gray for the next four days. I guess it's going to be one of those wet winters.


  1. Hi Rick! It seems I am missing your posts more often than I should. I don't know when I am seeing them most commonly. Do you post at the same time everyday?

    My daughter and her husband gave us an fire pit for Christmas. It is still in the box because we still have 10 inches of snow where we would like to set up the pit. Seeing your pit made me long for warm days in Utah. We won't get those until April. But your fire was lovely to see. I've never been south of San Antonio and that we in October. It was lovely weather then in 2006.

    Take care, I will try to get to you more often, ...I promise.

  2. Lucky you to have summer like weather. We are freeing our butts here and have just survived a big snow storm that has crippled a good section of the Us and Canada.

    I just read your comment about health books. I have way too many already but thanks for the offer. I'll never get the time to read them all. Everyone seem to be giving books to me. My library is over flowing and I just donated a box to goodwill.

    Enjoy your warm weather. Hope it doesn't rain too much.

  3. What a perfect way to spend the evening! By the way, love your new header.

  4. Great new header. BIG update. Read and enjoy all your posts.

  5. Dang, I wish I lived in Alabama! We have had sun this past week and yesterday I sat outside just to let it hit my was a bit balmy for us...around 35de but nice! Love to sit by a fire! Glad you and Jilda had a nice evening!

  6. Grilling out in Feb? Wow...we never get to do that here in KY :)

  7. It's warm and dry here. The sun is shining, and the dogs are happy.


  8. Sounds idyllic Rick! Good idea for those speakers.

  9. Beautiful! It looks wonderful. :)


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