Thursday, April 28, 2016

A mystery

Last night Jilda made black-eyed peas, mac & cheese, and cornbread. We thought our nephew and his family that just moved back from Mississippi was going to supper with us, but as I glanced through Facebook while the tea was steeping, I noticed pictures of them eating at Golden Rule BBQ. 

I doubt their supper was better than ours, but that's beside the point. We had a ton of leftovers that I was putting up after we ate.

When I opened the door to the cabinet where we store the plastic containers, about ten of them in varying sizes tumbled out with lids following on their heels.

Gathering up all the polyvinyl chloride containers, I wiped them off and then sorted through for a few containers large enough to hold the leftover food.

Selecting two of the containers was the easy part. When I tried to find matching lids, there weren't any. I took every bowl out of the cabinet and every lid, and none of them fit. Plan B. I got two containers that were a little smaller, but their lids were not where to be found.

As it turns out, we have a cabinet full of useless containers. I think the tops exist, but they are in stealth mode or perhaps they only live in a parallel universe. It's a mystery.

I would invest in a company that manufactured plastic bowl with tethered lids that cannot be separated.


  1. I think you are onto something, tethered lids. Now, I am used to opening a cabinet and things come tumbling out, Have you been driving the house over any rough roads. LOL It happens in out (motor) home. (we still so not have the home back!)

  2. Been there done that and it is funnier reading about it than experiencing it. The wife swears by Tupperware, but I find the lids which are not color coded always just almost fit. She finds the correct lid without any problem. I just use the containers we get from ordering Chinese...they no longer come in those paper containers. When it wears out we just order more Chinese which is a treat. Love the Chinese Tupperware!

  3. Rick, I cold not agree more, I buy a lot of containers, I pair them up then I go to look for one and I can't find a match... do they have legs and get up and walk away... lol I'd love to know :-)

  4. We have the same problem; every time I open the cupboard an avalanche of Tupperware drops down on me.

  5. I used to have a cupboard filled with those containers and lids that didn't fit. I recycled all of them. I've accumulate more containers now but keep only those with a matching lid. One of the few things that is now organized in my kitchen!

  6. We call it "red neck tupperware!" I start saving them when I know im going to have a big family dinner because they all want to take home leftovers! Just where do the lids go?

  7. I can almost guarantee that hen you are looking for something else that you will not find at the time you will find all the matching lids. I think it is a rule of some sort.

  8. Mom has a separate drawer for her lids. It seems to work out very well. Although I like your idea!

  9. I think it must be a global virus because our containers have the same problem. I'm thinking they might be with the missing socks from the dryer.

  10. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Erma Bombeck said missing socks went to live with Jesus--I don't think she ever said what happens to the lids!!


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