Friday, April 22, 2016

Blue-sky Friday

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement about the young bitty, but unfortunately it didn't survive. The crude incubator I fashioned from cardboard and a shop lamp apparently didn't keep the temperature in a good range during the critical hours after the baby hatched. I buried it in a place of honor in our critter cemetery. Also, I'm looking for used incubators now so this won't happen again.

We do have two small chicks that survived. One looks like the cotton from an aspirin bottle and the other is the color of rust. The mother is so protective, I can't get close enough to take a picture just yet but I should be able to get one soon.

On a lighter note, today was an incredible day. We got our walk in early this morning and the dogs were ecstatic. A cool breeze out of the west made if feel as if we were somewhere in the mountains or standing at the park on the east end of the Goldengate Bridge in San Francisco.

Down at the barn, I looked up through the oak and hickory trees and all I could see was blue skies. I pulled the phone and snapped a picture. It won't win a Pulitzer, but you might get a feel for how nice today was.


  1. Oh, that is sad about the little one but it was so fragile. Looking forward to seeing photos of the ones that mama is so protective of!

    That is a great image!

  2. That's too bad about your little chick..I hope the others do well. I also hope you have a lovely blue sky Saturday. It's chilly here but I see a few patches of blue and hopefully some lawn mowing with a winter coat on will be the order of the afternoon! Have a good weekend!

  3. Nature and life is simple and strange. I do wish the chick had made it. We were on a dead end street and no one drove over 20-25. Now we are a thru street and I walked past two dead squirrels. The critters are not used to 35-45 mph. folks used to stop for them.

    But then, I did see the first buzzard I have seen on our road.

    I like the sky shot.

  4. Anonymous1:53 AM

    I hope the other chicks fare better!!

  5. I guess it's just Nature's way. At least two of the chicks arew doing well.

  6. Crazy world, I feel bad about your chick not making it, and then last night I had Buffalo wings and didn't think twice about it.

  7. How sad that the chick did not survive. But there was a stupendous picture of the sky. Unhappy and happy all in one day. That is the way of life.

  8. I am so sorry! I'm glad two chicks are well! Gorgeous pic!


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