Saturday, April 30, 2016

Festival Season begins

Twenty years ago we would have played the Natchez Trace Festival and accepted the invitation from
one of the folks there to come to their farmhouse for an all-night pickin' party. But today, it was all Jilda and I could do to drag our rear ends of the car when we got home this evening.

We always have a great time. One of the sound guys said, "We have a woman who loves your music and wants to play the harmonica on one of your songs." We've had these offers in the past and some of them turned out badly, but the folks in Kosciusko have been so kind to us, we agreed.

We played one of our songs in the key of G, and though she'd never heard the song before, played it like a professional. Both Jilda and I were blown away.

I know it will be an early night tonight for both of us. I hope your weekend has been a good one so far.


  1. That is so neat when one can pick it up so's a true gift and music is so inspiring.

  2. I have no musical ability but it seems that having someone join you onstage and play well would be a thrill.

  3. I know you guys had a ball. Yep, I am sure a pig in a poke cna sometimes be a bust, gas she worked out so well.
    DRAGGING? Yeah, age and distance will do that. LOL

    Sleep well!

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Do you have any tapes you can post?

  5. Even if it was wearing it still sounds like a good time.

  6. Tired but good is a great way to end the day. Happy Sunday!

  7. My weekend was pretty relaxing

  8. Hope you have a GREAT festival season!


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