Friday, April 01, 2016

Weather dog

Thankfully, all that happened last night was an ear full of thunder and a lap full of collie. Caillou is such a weather wuss but he is better than radar when it comes to predicting a bad cloud.

We were wound tighter than banjo strings as we watched intense red blobs creep ever closer toward the farm with every sweep of the radar.  The weatherman peeled off his jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt. He was wearing suspenders. I didn't see that coming.

As the storms moved eastward toward us, they spread out and grew less intense. Then the National Weather Service allowed the warning to expire and the eastern half of Alabama breathed a sigh of relief that was almost audible over the sound of the falling rain.

But even after all the warnings had expired and the TV station went back to regular programming, Caillou was still restless and never let his guard down. I don't think he trusted his life and the lives of his loved ones to a man wearing suspenders.

We moved to the great room to read for a while and unwind before heading off to bed.  A while later through the front windows, we saw wind lifting the branches of the trees out front like a kite. Jilda stepped back into the TV room to get one last look before switching the TV off. I heard her exclaim, "Oh no!"

It seems that not long after we headed to the greatroom, the storms fired up again. The clouds passed a few miles to the north, and another line of tornadoes dropped out of the sky.  We weren't in any danger, but Jilda and I both realized that we should pay more attention to our weatherdog.


  1. Amazing that sense they have. I hear it is atmospheric pressure they sense, not sure that is right but I know thru the years my dogs could sense a change in the weather.
    Yep in your neck of the woods 'tis good to have a weather dog!

  2. Having a lap full of collie sounds like a good thing. Makes you wonder was he protecting you or wanting protection from you. Thankful the storms passed you by.

  3. Animals are very in-tuned to what's going on weather wise.
    We's had a few minor tremors from earthquakes over the years and before we can even feel them, the cattle become very agitated and cattle are pretty dumb as far as intelligence is concerned.
    Yep, I would pay attention to what the dog says concerning the weather. Smart doggie.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  4. I've always heard animals can predict the weather. Now if they could only wear suspenders and talk.

  5. How fortunate that you have a "weather dog" to help keep you safe. Here in Oregon we have too many issues to make forecasts accurate: ocean, mountains, valleys, Japanese trade winds. The weather people are usually wrong.

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Caillou would look great in suspenders!!

  7. Now you have learned that Caillou knows best when the weather is bad.

  8. Animals are so smart!

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