Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Remembering April 27, 2011

This afternoon during a lull in the meeting I was attending, I rolled the chair over to the window to have a look at the clouds. The crystal-clear skies were blue with fluffy white clouds lazing to the east.

This day is etched on my mind like a cheap tattoo – April 27, 2011. The National Weather Service confirmed 363 tornados that day. They spread from Texas to New York and 317 died as a result of those storms.

The one that flattened most of Sipsey, the small town about five miles from here stayed on the ground and came within a few hundred yards our our house. We were fortunate.

We had no power so we were in the dark that evening the sound of sirens in the distance wailed into the night.

Today, I sat for a long time in silence remembering those who were not as fortunate as we were.


  1. Tornadoes can do so much damage, it is sad how it destroys so many lives... I hope there are never that many tornadoes in such a short time again... pretty scary ...

  2. Tornados are nothing to mess with and I'm always amazed at people who think they can stand outside and watch them and ignore those sirens. We take them very seriously in these parts as tornado season is a scary time here too. Glad it was a nice weather day today.

  3. Frightening the destructive power they have.

  4. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Glad today was better!!

  5. How I remember that day. Enterprise, too.
    Son says, you just adapt -- or go crazy worrying. With relocation in mind, I'm probably a candidate for a nice straight-jacket! :)

  6. Ive never experienced seeing a tornado. I slept through a damaging hurricane once and I remember the site I saw around town afterwards. We were without power for a week .

  7. You were blessed to have been missed. The damages done from tornadoes is devastating.

  8. As soon as I send this to you I will observe that precious moment of silence to honor all those who suffered during that time.

  9. A powerful memory. Glad you're safe and today isn't a repeat of that dreadful time.

  10. Wow, so close! When I lived in Ohio, tornados were a common occurence.

  11. Sure enough, that would be very hard to forget. I remember laughing at one of the city councilmen in Charlotte after a tornado suggesting our building codes should be up graded to 'Tornado Proof', One of the leading builders told him, sure thing, but from now on everything will be built underground.

    Until you have see the devastation of a Tornado, you have no idea the power they unleash! Man I don't ever want to be as close as you guys to a Tornado.


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