Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another Saturday night

I worked in the garden and yard most of the morning, putting cages on the tomato plants, watering plants on the deck, planting more herbs and lettuce. 

Autumn leaves that fell after the last raking last fall had collected to the side of the house. I raked up several wheelbarrows of leaves, sweet gum balls, and pine cones. I used to let these decompose to fertilize the soil until I almost stepped on a copperhead last summer. Now I keep the area swept with a yard broom.

On the side of the house, I noticed the rhododendrons has begun to bloom. I snapped a picture of the first one. When it blooms fully, it will be the size of a soccer ball.

Tonight we attended an all-class reunion for our local high school and howdy'd up with some old friends. It was fun, but the bed is calling.

I hope your Saturday was a good one.


  1. Class reunions are nice. Never been to an inclusive one. I do not have a grad class but go to Sherry's.
    Love the Road-a-dnedrum. (that is one of my (many) hard words) ;-)

  2. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Sweet dreams, my friend!!

  3. No tomatoes to stake up here...we don't plant till May...there was frost on the ground this morning. It is to warm up nicely by afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Are the sweet gum balls those "Sticky Balls"? We used to have fights from the tree house using sling shots with those things. The boys also used to wad them in the girls hair for meanness. Be careful of those snakes in the yard.!

  5. I've never been to a class reunion, but I'm thinking of attending my 50th high school reunion.

  6. My friend Frog and I were going to rent a limo and show up to our 50th with two young beautiful "escorts." We then decided that though it would be fun to see everyone's expression it would have been an awfully expensive joke and only funny for a short bit. We just stayed at home instead. I hate reunions.

  7. You did have a busy day and evening. Sounds like fun all of it.

  8. What a great day!!!! We are suppose to be getting snow again on tuesday! LOL! I don't think it's going to last long. Where we live, we usually don't plant anything till May 24th. Always a chance of frost till then.

  9. It's so welcoming to see flowers once again, we don't have any budding here yet but this helps me keep the faith that they'll come! :-)

  10. How wonderful that you and Jilda shared memories with your old classmates.

  11. Glad you enjoyed this special day. My best wishes to Jilda and you.


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