Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chip away

The decluttering thing we started over a month ago has morphed. We finished in the house, but the trend seems to have spread to the yard, and onto the rest of the property.

I've been at war with privets which have taken over. I'm snipping the small ones with pruners, and lashing the larger ones with a chainsaw. The mountain of debris is growing.

Today I took it easy. The new property had holes everywhere made by roots of downed trees that have rotted through the years.  

I worried that one of the kids would step into one of them and hurt a leg, so filling those holes has been on my todo list for a while.

Today, I used the front-end loader on the tractor to scoop up huges chunks of fill dirt. Then with a long-handle shovel, I filled the holes and tamped them tight. Once the grass covers the new earth, you won't know there was ever a hole there.  

The works was less grueling than lugging a chainsaw that weights just slightly less than a Subaru, but after several hours I was tired and ready to call it a day.

After a warm shower to wash away the dirt, I put on my sweats, poured a glass of red wine, and retired to the deck to watch the sun go down.

I was tired, but it was a good kind of where you get to check something significant off your list.

Hope you all have a remarkable week.


  1. You had me at wine. Sometimes a good hard work to get you tired is what you need for a good rest. I like getting tired from work with accomplishments.
    Its a good feeling.

  2. You'll be cluttering the whole state soon. You'll see I have moved house (slightly).

    Ms Soup

  3. Using a front-end loader, I am jealous!

  4. I need to declutter, it's overwhelming... I just have to start like you and Hilda did and not thing I can get it done in a week.. just keep chipping away at it. Great job Rick xox

  5. I am glad for you. It is a good type of tired, the physical type. I agree completely, that the mental tired isn't as easy as the physical, where you take a glass of wine, set back and SEE the accomplishments. My preferred type of 'tired'. (But you B a tough dude draggin' that Subaru around! (smile).)

  6. That is a lot of work. How wonderful to sit and enjoy the sunset afterward. Hope your week is a great one !

  7. I like checking those big jobs off my long list too, only lately, I have seemed to have slowed down some. I think it's great that you filled those big holes. It would make a great hiding place for snakes if left uncovered. I'm not very fond of snakes...
    A glass of red wine well deserved. JB

  8. Sounds like you know how to wind down after an active day.

  9. Anonymous12:02 PM

    What kind of flower is in the pot on your table?

  10. Does your to-do list ever get shorter? It seems as if you are adding to it faster than you are completing tasks.

  11. Good job!
    Around here, Mother Nature is cluttering much faster than I can declutter.

  12. Love it when a plan comes together! Do you have special plans for that property? It's so satisfying to let things go and we're almost done with the basement part of our downsizing. If we ever dry out we'll get to the outside. We were suppose to have a new culvert put in to drain the creek in the right direction but the snow put a hold on it...hopefully it will be done this weekend. Have a good day!

  13. Excellent! You accomplished a lot!

  14. A couple of weeks back we as in Tasha and me cleaned out a box I had sitting next to the tv so it was a start but I have to be in the mood to clean things out

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