Friday, February 15, 2008

Audio Blog

I've been trying to record one of my entries to add a little something extra to the blog, but my reading sounds forced and choppy. I listen to book on tape constantly and these readers sound as if it is effortless. Maybe it just takes practice. I should have something up this weekend.
I also contacted the local public radio station to get submission policies and guidelines. My friend Becky suggested this as a way to broaden my scope and it's an excellent idea but I've got to work on my "interviewer's voice" if I have any chance of success.
My friend Dan that recently built the boat gave me an excellent idea for an interview and I'm working on that now. Seems the subject is a bit shy so I'm not sure if that story will materialize or not. I should know something Monday. I hesitate to mention the topic because I think it has broader appeal than just Walker County, Alabama. I'd would not be happy if someone scarfed up my story.
I took off today because we are going to a concert tonight and I wanted to have my party face on instead of being tired and run down.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Watch out for the falling satellite.

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