Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I got my eye on a new mandolin for Jilda. She has a one, but it doesn't have pickups which makes it awkward to play through a sound system. In order for a mandolin without a pickup to work, you have to stand close to a mic.
This little Ovation has electronics and it actually has better action on the neck.
We have been trying to spruce up the sound of our band, The Overalls, and I think this little puppy will do just the trick.
Problem is, we sort of made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn't spend money out of our budget until the job situation firmed up.
I began to think about all the stuff I had that I no longer used so I sold a practice guitar, and some old recording equipment that I no longer need and I'm so close I can smell the barn.
Tonight is Valentine's and I can smell supper on the stove. We are grilling some big thick steaks and I stopped by the store and bought a bottle of French wine.
I hope all you guys remembered to get cards, flowers and candy.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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