Saturday, February 23, 2008

For The Love Of Music

Today was the tenth anniversary of the Old Time Radio Show in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Our friend Paul Jones was the creator of the show and although it is broadcast on a small A.M. Radio station in Lynchburg, people from around the world have stumbled on the show through Paul's website:, or they found it while driving down Interstate 65 on Saturday mornings. Lynchburg is also a very popular tourist location, probably because of the Jack Daniels Distillery, but during the summer and fall, it gets really cozy because of all the people.
Paul routinely get emails and letters from people around the world.
A Japanese Bluegrass band learned about The Old Time Radio Show when they were touring around the south. They couldn't speak a word of spoken English, "but when they sang bluegrass songs, you could understand every word," Paul said. So he invited them to play on the show.
When they returned to Japan, they had an English speaking friend send Paul an email telling him that playing the show was their favorite part of their tour.
I know from experience that playing the show is really fun because The Overalls has played that gig many times. Today was a special two hour show and he had pickers from the past come back to perform on the show. It was not only a joy to play, but to sit and listen to such talent playing for the sheer love of music.
The plaque above was present to Paul by Jack Daniels....well, not actually by Jack himself because he has been dead for some time and that would just have been weird, but from a company representative was on hand to make the presentation. It was a fun day.

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