Monday, February 11, 2008

Electric Guitars

I've been longing for an electric guitar. I've had a number of electrics through the years but for one reason or the other I had to sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of them.
The first and best electric guitar I ever had was a Gibson Les Paul. We still lived in the trailer then and a little mobile home park in Sumiton, Alabama.
I was working at the Community News as a photographer and reporter and I bought the Les Paul on the installment plan. It cost more than either of our cars.
A few years later I got out of work and had to make some difficult or play guitar. Most people probably don't understand this, but it was a hard decision for me. After many fretful (pun intended) nights without sleep, I put the word out that I had to sell the Les Paul.
Within a matter of hours, I got a call that a friend in Birmingham wanted to look at it. So I took it out of the case and played it one last time before polishing it and placing it back into the case. Jilda snapped this photograph to keep as a memento.
The thing about it is, in a matter of weeks I had another job and the money started flowing in but my friend had already fallen in love with the guitar and I hated to ask him to sell it back to me.
Today that guitar is worth between three and five thousand dollars.
So once the current job/work/career situation firms up, I'm going to be looking for me another electric guitar. One that I can play loud enough to make my ears bleed if I so choose and I hope the days of having to sell the things I love are in the distant past.

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