Monday, February 25, 2008

Foggy Sun

I gave my niece Jayna a ride to work this morning. We were headed east on highway 78 and the fog was just beginning to lift. At one point I looked above the bare trees and saw the morning sun peeking through the fog-bank. It was just enough fog to diffuse the light and the top ring of the sun had a slight rose tint. I grabbed for my camera but the image disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
Last week I recorded one of my blog entries and it was my intention to post it here, but I've quickly learned that editing audio is not as simple as it sounds.
It was the entry - "The Rain Moves In" from last year, about the sound of rain on a tin roof. The rain was lightly falling when I began recording the story. I made a few mistakes and I re-recorded to get a good take of everything. When I started putting it all together, you could hear the difference in the sound of the rain. The end results were not good so I'm going back to square one. I did learn that you need to be very mindful of background noise when you are recording.
I think it's best to record the voice fairly clean and then edit in the sound effects later.
Every day is a school day.

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