Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dan's Boat

My friend Dan Nix decided last year to build a boat that was seaworthy. Dan's brother took him fishing in the Gulf of Mexico a while back and the brother took his bass boat.
Dan said that not only did he get his fanny wet but the waves beat the bass boat like an unruly child. He said it scared the crap out of him.
When he went home he started doing some research and found a plan for an ocean skiff and decided the build it himself. He ordered the plans and hand the wood shipped in from Tennessee and Florida and he went to work.
What came out of his shop was closer to a work of art than a fishing skiff. Dan showed me pictures from the various stages of construction and I was amazed. To be quite frank, I was a little envious too because it takes a special person to set their mind on a goal and see it through.
After the boat was constructed, he and his brother hauled it to the Gulf this past summer and did some fishing. He said it behaved much better in the angry surf.
I also got a grand tour of the house Dan built a few years ago. He's been quite busy since he retired. Maybe I could get him to help me re-do my barn.

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