Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reunion Planning

I met some folks today from my high school class of 1968. It seems that it's been 40 years since that fateful day we walked down the isle. We met today to start planning the event. It seems impossible that forty years have passed.
I had not seen Sandra since graduation and I could tell there was no recognition in her eyes when she saw me. In fact, I think she thought I was just another customer coming into the restaurant until Becky spoke to me. I told her I could be an assassin. I truly believe my mother would not recognize me if I weren't with my wife Jilda.
The weather was beautiful today. Took the dogs for a walk this evening and they dashed out of the gate like racing horses. I walked to the barn, climbed up to the hay loft and sat for a long while just soaking in the sights and sounds. The world, when views from the open door of that hay loft, seems much clearer.

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