Friday, February 22, 2008

Chicken Trauma

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and had to be there early so I decided to work from home afterwards. Jilda left for work before lunch while I was on a conference call.
I heard one of our chickens cackling as if something were in hot pursuit. They still have their wings so normally when the occasional dog or cat comes into the yard the chickens beat a hasty retreat and come back around when the danger has passed.
I hung up the phone and stepped to the front door to check on the commotion and I saw a pack of dogs chasing one of the chickens, Before I could grab my sling-shot, they ran out of the yard yapping. One bolted with a chicken in his mouth. I fired of a few shots but since I haven't practiced with the sling-shot in over a year, my aim off.
I grabbed my shoes and headed out in pursuit. I caught up with them about a quarter mile down the road and when I shouted, they dropped the bird and ran for their lives.
I assumed that Flossy (yes Jilda named them Flossy and Mossy) was in heaven singing with Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried choir. When I picked her up, she was still alive. She didn't have anyl feathers on the lower part of her body and she was FREAKED, but I spoke softly to her as I carried her home. Mossy was nowhere to be found and I feared the worst.
I put her on the screen porch and pulled the door shut so that the dogs could not sneak back and get her. When I went back out to put a little cracked corn and water on the porch, she had laid an egg on the throw rug.
I kept a check on her and she seemed fine, if not a little embarrassed by having a naked bottom. She somehow found a place on the porch where the screen had come loose and escaped. I looked for her all afternoon but she had vanished. I knew Jilda would be saddened.
Just before Jilda got home, I looked down at the huckleberry bush where they roost and they were both climbing up the tree.
I'll be practicing with my sling shot tomorrow and I can promise you that one whack on the rear with at thing and the dogs will keep a wide berth around the Watson yard.

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