Sunday, April 27, 2008

Canon in D

The first time I ever heard Canon in D was the summer of 1975 (I think). Jilda and I headed out on our first real vacation to visit my Army buddy Doug McGraw who lived in Annandale, Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
It was the first time in Virginia and Washington D.C. for both of us and we were blown away by the beauty of that place. We toured the National Museum, all the monuments and spent a little time in the Smithsonian. We could have spent weeks there and not seen it all. But at the National Air and Space Museum they showed the movie "To Fly" which was the first movie ever filmed in the Imax format. The movie started out from the perspective of someone in a hot air balloon. When the balloon flew out over a cliff, it literally took my breath away.
During the course of that movie, I heard Canon in D and I thought that it was the most beautiful piece of music I had ever heard. As the movie ended, I didn't think to look at the credits to catch the name of the song so I left without knowing.
Some time later we were at a wedding and they played Canon. After the ceremony, I approached the pianist and learned the name of the song. I never tire of hearing this song.
Our young friend Will Justice is a piano player that is on the road to greatness. He sent me a link to a uTube video he did of himself practicing Canon. He played the song on Saturday night at a wedding. Click on the link below to see Will's performance.

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