Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pretty Weather

Last night we raised the bedroom windows and let a pleasant breeze out of the northwest rustle the curtains. Off in the distance you could hear the a Whip-o-Will hammering out his nighttime song. Whip-O-WILL, Whip-O-WILL, Whip-O-WILL. I heard our neighbor's bellowing cows down behind the barn, and I knew they had broken free again and were wandering aimlessly through the hills and hollows. The neighbor and his will will come up in the yard in a day or two and say "them dang cows got out again....can we go down behind your barn and see if we can round 'me up?"
Today the sun came up and there was not a cloud in the sky. Shortly afternoon, I stepped outside for a weather check. I sat down on the concrete steps and looked off toward the south. The trees, shrubs and flowers were out in full force and the colors seemed electric. The sun warmed my face and it felt intoxicating.
Soon it will be summer and the only reason you'd sit out on the concrete steps is to perhaps toast your bread for lunch - but for now, it's great.

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