Thursday, April 03, 2008

Chasing the Sun

I chased the setting sun this evening on the way home. I had to stop off at my friend Fred's house for a lesson on how to chart music....I know, as long as I've been playing, I should know how but I didn't until today.
After I left his house, I drove the Mount Olive Road home. It's a shady road with big Oak trees hanging out over the road in places making a green tunnel. Just before I got to Partridge Cross Roads, I saw the beginnings of an orange sky which turned the grayish clouds a color somewhere between mauve and purple. The sun slipped behind a cloud and soon I was into the trees again. When I got closer to home, I caught a glimpse of the sun through the trees. I drove a little faster trying to reach a clearing and an unobstructed view. But I reached the clearing just as the sun dipped below a low-hanging cloud bank just above the western horizon.
I would love to have gotten a good photo to share, but the chasing and anticipation was fun. It made the last leg of my trip home zip by.
Maybe I'll have another chance tomorrow.

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