Friday, April 11, 2008


I added some things to my safety deposit box the other day and shoved way in back of the box was a small bag. It was as if I were seeing it for the first time thought I know I must have put it there. When I opened it up, I realized that it contained all my old coins that I collected from my childhood. Silver Dollars, Mercury Head Silver Dimes, Wheat Pennies and Buffalo Nickels. Coins that were common as cuss words when I was ten years old now are fairly rare.
A few weeks ago in a handful of change, I got a Mercury Dime. I couldn't believe the cashier didn't notice it because the color was striking.
The principal of Dora Elementary school when I attended there was an avid coin collector. He managed the little concession stand that sold us Mary Janes, snowballs, and Nehi Peach drinks. Each day during lunch you could find him sitting at his desk pouring over the coins. When he found one that he needed for his collection, he would set it aside. When he finished up, he'd count out the coins he wanted and settle up with coins from his own pocket.
I was on an errand to his office one day to deliver something from my teacher and he saw me admiring the book of coins on his desk. He took a few minutes and flipped through some pages pointing out coins of particular interest. I was fascinated.
Several years later when he passed away, I wondered what happened to his beloved coin collections. I hope his kids enjoyed them enough to hold on but it's hard to say.

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