Friday, April 25, 2008

A Great Day

I took a vacation day today and it as been beautiful all day. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds with a breeze out of the west. I had to help move tables and chairs for our "all class " alumni reunion at the school. I've done this for years but I'm going to let someone else do it next year. I've had about as much fun with that project as I can stand. I think it's time to let someone else have some fun with it.
When I got home I got on the riding lawnmower and cut the field and the yard around the barn. I then took the mower down the walking path to keep it clear. I felt like Forrest Gump. My mind was blank and I was totally into the moment...blissed out. When I got through this evening, I felt taller.
We are going to meet our friends Brenda and Danny down at the Green Top and have some BBQ. It's been a while and I think a BBQ fix would be the perfect crowning touch to a great day.

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