Thursday, April 24, 2008


I feel like I have spring fever. You remember those last few days of school when the drone of the teacher's voice puts you totally asleep, and you have to struggle to keep your eyes open. You glance out the window and see the warm sunshine, and the world is turning a brilliant shade of green. The smell of fresh cut grass wafts through the window. You almost wish you were in prison so you could be outside playing basketball.....that's the way I feel right now.
Of course, I could go outside and play basket ball, but this entry will not write itself. For the most part, this column is more important than 90% of the stuff I learned during those last few weeks of each school year. The teachers have spring fever too, you can see it in their eyes. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to read their minds......"in a few weeks, I'll be rid of these brain-dead slugs and I can summer on the beach."
Thankfully, all the kids and all the teachers will be free soon and they can spend some quality time doing those things that bring them joy. Hopefully they will recharge their batteries and head back in the fall with a new attitude.

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