Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wacky Weather

We are having some wacky weather here in Empire. Only a few days ago it was warm enough to go swimming. The afternoon sun even coaxed the persimmon tree to put on leaves, but tonight the weatherman is forecasting snow flurries here. I can't ever remember it snowing this late.
When I went down the fetch the Sunday paper this morning, I heard a faint whimper. I thought at first it was Ol' Buddy, but I saw him on the hill rolling in the straw. When I looked in the woods I saw three puppies huddled up trying to stay warm. They were shivering so I walked over and picked two of them up. One of the puppies ran away barking and snarling. He weight about a pound so I cornered him and picked him up too. One he realized I wasn't a foe, he snuggled in with the other two.
I walked in the living room and stood there at the end of the couch. Jilda was reading something and didn't look up at first but she sensed that something was up. When she looked over and saw the pups, she went into that aaawwwww aren't they cute. She snagged one from me for herself.
We fed them and put a towel down in the kitchen for them to lay on until we got a game plan together.
When the sun got warm we started out for a walk and we had planned to leave the pups in the fence, but they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them and they made every step we made. They were fun to watch but since we are dog poor, I knew they couldn't take too many walks with them.
I figured they belonged to one of the neighbors and as I began to walk down the road, I asked the kid across the road if the puppies were his. He was out shooting hoops and walked over to see. "No but I think they belong to the guy on the hill," pointing to my friend Terry Joe's house. As I walked up the hill, he saw me coming and walked out to meet me.
He was quick to say that I could have the puppies if I wanted them. Apparently he has two mama dogs right now with a total of eighteen puppies. I told him as much as I'd like one, that we had too many dogs. He then scooped the pups up and headed back home.

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