Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mad Chickens

Our chickens disappeared a few weeks ago during a tornadic episode. I wasn't sure if they'd been blown to Nashville, or decided to head south to get out of harm's way. Several days went by and then out of nowhere, Flossy showed up looking for food. I had bought a bag of cracked corn before they skied out and had not put out a kernel. When I saw Flossy pecking the ground furiously, I grabbed a scoop full and tossed it in her direction. She pecked till her neck was sore. I went in to answer the phone and when I came back out she was gone again.
The next day Mossy showed up in the same manner. Jilda fed her as well and she too disappeared. A few days later they both appeared and I knew what was going on. They were nesting, which was a waste of time for them because there not a rooster anywhere around.
Last Saturday they both appeared again and this time we kept watch and followed them both back to their nests. I really didn't know how to handle the situation. I didn't think there was any harm in them sitting but I knew that it would be for nothing. It started getting longer in between times when they would leave the nests and feed and I was afraid they'd starve trying to hatch chicks they would never hatch.
This morning I made the decision to intervene. Jilda and I went down to were Flossy was sitting and I picked her up. She promptly turned into a little chainsaw. She pecked, squawked and flapped hysterically. When I was undeterred, she went after Jilda. Jilda immediately jumped back doing a little squealing herself. She also did some fancy maneuvering to escape Flossy who was one angry bird. I managed to get the eggs from the nest and dispose of them. I then did the same thing at the other nest. She flogged me unmercifully.
Both chickens have finally settled down and they are roosting out front in the huckleberry bush which is their regular place. I probably need to make sure I keep an eye on them if I ever lay out in the sun in the back yard because I have no doubt that either of them would peck my eyes out and eat them like grapes.

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