Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's back to work tomorrow after a week of doing what I pleased. I fear I will have to be retrained. I picked a great week. The weather has been phenomenal.
Our apples have been getting bigger and bigger. The limbs on the tree are bending almost to the ground. It seems to have taken the apples longer to ripen this year. I went out to check on them on Friday and they still seemed to have a lot of green on them. I plucked one and wiped it on my pants leg and took a big bite. I could not believe how sweet it was. I had just the right crunch to it too. The apples this year may be the best I have ever eaten.
My nephew Jame's kids were over Friday afternoon so I went out and picked a few for them. They love fruit but are discriminating children when it comes to their apples. If they aren't good, they will let you know is a heartbeat. They loved the apples.
I'll be eating apples, apple pies, apple jelly and dried apples. I'm guessing after the third of forth bushel, I may get tired of them but right now, they sure are good.

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