Friday, September 19, 2008

Three snake night

I've seen some strange thing while driving lately. Last Friday night on the way home, I passed a copperhead crawling across the road. He was near the edge so I swerved a little to miss him. He was a fairly small snake, probably a foot long. I had not driven three hundred yards when I saw his granddaddy. This rascal was at least three feet long - that's huge for a copperhead. He was in the middle of the road and harder to dodge but I managed. About a mile down the road I passed yet another copperhead and he was somewhere between the first and second one in size. The weather has cooled off a little and the crawlers are hunting a place to winter.
When I turned on the road leading to my house, a red fox ran in front of me. He jumped on a low embankment and turned to watch me pass. I see gray foxes fairly often, but the red ones are rare.
Then last night as Jilda and I were driving home from a Frog Festival meeting, we saw something crossing the road in front of us. I hit the brakes but an oncoming car prevented us from swerving so we hit an Armadillo. I missed him with the wheels so he simply rolled underneath and scurried - well, scurried is probably not the right word, but he made it to the side of the road and disappeared in the tall weeds.
I'm hoping that's the last of the critters for awhile.


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