Monday, September 15, 2008

Over the Edge

The moon tonight was like a big crystal ball hanging in the eastern sky. Clouds passing in front made the sky look like a horror movie from the forties.
I pulled out a lawn chair and sat in the back yard for a long while tonight just looking at the sky. There is something about the sky that makes me feel more grounded.
I needed that tonight because of all the stuff going on in the world. It seems like every election year things get crazy. The last few weeks it seems the news keeps getting worse and worse. The Republicans say they have the answers and the Democrats say that the Republicans are the cause of the problems.
The truth is, we live in complicated times and there are no easy answers. And when it comes to blame, I think we can all share the load.
When a football team begins having problems, a good coach brings it all down the the basics - blocking, tackling, running and throwing. Everybody gets back to doing the things that are necessary to win. America has to do the same thing. We are a great country but we've grown lazy and complacent. We get our information from sixty-second news bites. We let our preachers, our talk show hosts and our mis-informed neighbors do our thinking for us and we make stupid decisions.
My mom and dad lived through the depression and they knew what it was like to go hungry. They were also part of the America that hitched up their belts and turned things around.
I pray that we don't fall that far but I do believe that it's time for the people in this country to wake and start doing their own thinking. Throw out the politicians who can't work together to bring about real change - change that benefits us all and not just the few at the top.
It was not my intention to go on a tear. Thank goodness for a full moon on an autumn night; it kept me from falling over the edge.

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  1. "The Little Red Hen" says a lot about sharing - or not sharing - the work. It's a story that needs to be read in every school room in our country.


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