Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ike's A Screamer

The projections are showing that hurricane Ike, is shooting the gap. South of Miami but north of Cuba. This is not good news for the gulf coast. I know the east coast of the U.S. has had some bad 'canes, but when one gets into the gulf unobstructed, it can get really bad.
I can remember the night, August 17th 1969, that Hurricane Camile hit Gulfport, Mississippi. The winds were over 200 mph with the surge over 20 feet.
I was working nights at Hutchinson Company at that time and going to Jeff State College during the day. Our company printed and pressed bottle caps. We had an order from the Coke bottling company in Gulfport for one million bottle caps. It was the largest order we had ever received. I remember thinking - "these will never ship." And, they never did.
Jilda and her family were vacationing in Panama City, Florida. They only took one vacation a year and Sharky, her dad, was not going to let a little "blow" ruin his vacation so they rode out the storm. They were a long way from landfall, but Jilda still remembers the howling wind and driving rain.
Anyhow, let's all say a little prayer that Ike weakens and hits someplace that needs the rain.

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