Thursday, September 18, 2008

Easy Thursday

As I was walking the old farm house today on my morning hike, I heard a fluttering sound. When I looked through the dusty windows I saw that a small bird had become trapped inside. He was terrified, not because of me because I heard him thrashing around before I ever got to the window.
I can only imagine it was like a bad dream for him. He could see outside but no matter how hard he struggled he could not escape.
I simply raised the window a little bit and he shot out and in a flash he was out of sight. Not one thank you or kiss my feather he was just history.
I've been thinking about tearing the old house down and building a one room A-Frame building where we Jilda can hold yoga classes. It's a natural location for retreat because the old oak and hickory trees cast a welcoming shade. The place feels very old and grounded. There is a well outside with deep water that is cold as water just out of the fridge. I'm looking for an old timey hand pump that I can install so that one can get a cool drink of water pure of chemicals and pollutants.
This week has been a laid back week. I don't have those very often. I've gotten to hang out and piddle around with stuff I enjoy. I think that's how vacations should be sometimes.

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