Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brilliant Idea

My friend and co-worker Brian had a great idea today! I mean it was actually brilliant! It took a second for me to fully absorb the the depth and the genius of the plan.
He said that since the government is in a debt forgiving mood, (to the tune of over a half a trillion dollars of bad mortgages held by huge banks), that we should slip in a provision that would have Uncle Sam pay off our mortgages too. I mean wipe the slate clean for everyone.
That simple law would send this country on an unprecedented spending frenzy. I'd go out and buy a new Taylor T5 guitar....and while at it, I'd buy that Porsche I've been wanting for so long.
One guy at lunch, when I detailed the plan, swore that he'd take an extended vacation and drive all over the country staying at Bed & Breakfast establishments and play golf at all the great courses. An under-achiever at the table said he'd get a new set of tires for his car. What a loser.
I've been working on a draft proposal for the Prez - "W" I know I've been a harsh critic of most of your policies, but you can wipe the slate clean with a flick of the pen. We agree whole heartedly with the government's decision to forgive the bank's debts but only if you forgive ours too.


Rick Watson Empire, Alabama

Please add your name to the list and forward to everyone in your address bookwho wants their mortgage paid off by Uncle Sam.

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  1. That is a great idea. I would be happy to see you buy the T5 when that happens (and the porsche). Great blog by the way. Send me an email when you get a chance. - Ryan (check profile)


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