Monday, September 22, 2008


I bought a book of quotations some years ago. Tonight as I was languishing around for a topic, my eyes fell on my book of quotations. I closed my eyes and let the book open to any page it chose.
It fell to "Government & Rules".
Abraham Lincoln said "We hold the power and bear the responsibility." I think this is good council for whomever holds the governing offices in our country.
A more cynical quote by Friedrich von Schiller "The world is ruled only by consideration of advantages." I don't want to believe this, but I know there is a lot of truth in these words.
Montesquieu said "Republics are brought to their ends by luxury; monarchies by poverty." This is somewhat scary.
I think one of the best and most pertinent quotes came from Napoleon Bonaparte "The art of governing consists in letting men grow old in their jobs." Maybe to combat the lethargy in government today, we should not allow our leaders to get too comfortable with their positions.

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