Monday, September 01, 2008

New Website

I put up a basic website for my new book today. It doesn't have a lot of content yet, just a skeleton
that will enable me to start plugging in content as I get closer to the publication date.
Jilda is a master a grassroots promotion. She has already lined up some gift shops in local hospitals, flower shops, and drug stores. She also has contacted the scheduler for our local TV station and they have agreed to do an interview after the book is printed. She has written query letters to Cracker Barrel and Books-a-Million to find out how to submit books for consideration.
She's working on my wardrobe and coaching me on how to do readings. I think she is as excited as I am.
Anyhow, I'm meeting with the printers again tomorrow to do a little tweaking and hopefully we will get the draft in our hands for editing.
If you would like a sneak peak at the new website, click here. All comments welcome.

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