Friday, January 08, 2010

2010 National Champions - Roll Tide

I've been glowing for most of the day. Not because I was up half the night. I'm up half the night quite often working on broken computers in Dallas or Wakeshaw or Poughkeepsie.  But the next morning I would never describe my condition as glowing.
You see, I was up last night watching something rare and remarkable. I watched my team beat Texas, another great team, for the BCS National Championship. 
The last time Alabama won a national championship was back in 1992. I watched that one too, but this one was even sweeter in my view. 
Back in 2007, Alabama faithfuls caught a load of grief from my friends who are Auburn fans about how much money Saban was being paid. The first year when we went 7-6 I have to admit, I secretly was asking myself if it was a good use of funds.
Then something remarkable happened. In the season open with #9 ranked Clemson in the Georga Dome, Alabama who was pretty much unranked, spanked those Tigers 34-10. They followed that with a victory over Arkansas and then went to #3 Georgia during their "blackout" (the team wore black for luck)  and spanked them Bulldogs like they'd peed on the rug.
The Tide ended the regular season 12-0 but suffered a heartbreaking loss to Florida in the Southeastern Conference Championship game. They were further embarrassed in the Sugar Bowl with a loss to Utah. 
When some teams have losses like the last two of 2008, it does something to their spirit. Not so with Alabama. When they took the field in early September it was again at the Georgia Dome. They faced #7 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies.  Again the Tide rose to the occasion and they never looked back.
There were a number of close games, but the strength and character of this team would not allow them to lose. 
When they were threatened by LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn, the sucked it up and won.
The team that took the field in early December against Florida was not the same team. Many were the same players, but this team was on a mission. The end result was a very strong and talented Florida team when back to Gainsville with their gator-tails between their flippers.
There was a lot of hype this past week about Texas and the fact that Colt McCoy was the winningest college quarterback in Collegiate history. 
Most of the TV commentators predicted that Texas would win. The sad part for me was that Cold McCoy got knocked out of the game early. 
There are those who would say, that with a healthy McCoy, Texas would have won. Had this been any other team, I might have agreed. But this team, I believe, would have risen to the occasion regardless of who was behind center. 
I honestly believe that this team could have beaten the NFL Dallas Cowboys last night. 
The were on a mission, and just before midnight local time - Mission Accomplished.
Now I think they should focus on World Peace and True Happiness.
Roll Tide. 

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