Sunday, January 10, 2010

I"ll Survive

I think I'll live now. I slept hard last night and when I woke up, my stomach muscles were sore from the wrenching....perhaps that's a little too much info but I got stronger as the day progressed.
I'm disappointed because we were supposed to start recording the new Rick & Jilda project this weekend. My buddy Fred had blocked off time for us to get into the studio and begin work. That didn't happen.
We did get out this evening and run to the hardware store to get a new water filter, but only because our old one was beginning to leak.
I kept the receipt from the restaurant and I looked at it today to see if by chance they had a website where you could leave feedback. They did and I did. It probably won't do any good, but I felt better.
The weatherman says warmer weather is on the way. It will be a welcome change. I did sweep leaves off the back deck this afternoon. I wrapped up like a cocoon, but even though it was cold today, the sun was warm and I sat on bench and soaked in a few rays.
We'll be ordering seed and charting out garden plans before long.  I miss the smell of freshly mowed grass.

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