Monday, January 04, 2010

Stay Warm

To say it's chilly here in Empire, Alabama is like saying the Grand Canyon's a big ditch. It felt like my hand stuck to the door handle of my truck this morning when I left for work.
I got out mid-morning for my walk and the temps had dropped 2 degrees. The wind whipped the American Flag to attention as I walked out of the building.
I think it's supposed to be colder tonight. The weatherman is saying we may get some snow on Thursday. They've said that before, but one thing's for sure, if it does snow, it will probably stick this time.
I'm taking this coming Friday off. The Tide plays for the National Championship Thursday night and the game won't end until near midnight. I just hope the boys have not partied too much during the holidays.
Y'all stay warm.

1 comment:

  1. Ken Owens3:20 PM

    Hey Rick,
    Does AT&T know about Susan and snow? I'm guessing they will find out Thursday.
    You Yankees up there in Empire "Stay Warm" too.


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