Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slow Down, Relax

I made it to the truck this evening before the rain started falling. The ride home was a slow one because there were several wrecks on the interstate. 
You have a couple of choices in this situation. You can get agitated and switch lanes like Andy Andriette, or you can sit back and breathe. I chose the latter.
I plugged my iPhone headset in and I hit shuffle on my music player. I guess the little device realized I needed to stay calm so it served up a string of beautiful folk songs, solo piano music, and other relaxing songs that made the time seem to pass more quickly.
Before I knew it, traffic was moving along at a normal pace and I was home before I realized it. I looked down when I pulled into the drive way and my truck rolled over 130,000 miles. I love to catch milestone readings on my odometer. 
I'm off call tomorrow night and we hope to do something fun this weekend. I think we deserve it.

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