Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dog Sick

The roads were still suspect yesterday so I decided to take Jilda to work rather than worry about her sliding off an icy road and becoming stranded.
So yesterday afternoon, I picked her up from work and we ate at a restaurant in Fultondale. Later last night my stomach seemed to feel a little jittery. When I woke up after midnight, the feeling had moved from jittery to queasy. When I got up to take some Pepito Bismol, I found myself running to the bathroom.  I haven't felt that sick in some time.
Jilda got up to offer aid and comfort but realized she was queasy too. We were both up and down for the rest of the night so we've spent the day today on the couch.
We were scheduled to record today and to go to our great niece's birthday party but neither of those things happened.
We're taking it easy tonight too, and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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